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Heritage O's Cereal - ECO PAC

• 32 oz. bag

• 3-Pack (3 x 32 oz. bag)
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• 6-Pack (6 x 32 oz. bag)
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Low Fat
Per 30g serving
Our popular multi-grain breakfast cereal blend in the popular "O" shape.


Whole oat flour*, whole wheat meal*, Kamut® Khorasan wheat flour*, evaporated cane juice*, spelt flour*, barley flour*, barley malt extract*, quinoa flour*, millet flour*, sea salt, honey*. *Organic. Contains wheat. Produced in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, or soy.

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I love the crunch!

I love the crunch! These are absolutely delicious and my new go to as far as O cereals go. I've tried them all, Cheerios, Joe's O's, 365 Morning O's, shopright brand, aldi brand, Walmart brand, etc. these are my favorite and Re made with the healthiest ingredients. No starch added, which I've never seen in a O cereal. The only thing that could make these better is if they were sprouted but they are certainly the best I've found. If you don't like crunchy these are not for you, but if you do, these are absolutely delicious!

Southampton, NJ
Very good

These are very good. After eating the cereals found in most stores for a lifetime you will find these quite different. They are harder and stay harder in milk. They crunch to the end and do not get all soggy. They are not sweet. They leave no after taste that you have to deal with on your breath until you can get to a toothbrush! We are totally happy without any sweetener on this cereal. My husband liked honey flavored cereal, which I always found to be too sweet so would mix it half and half with the original cereal of that brand. Even my husband with his sweeter taste in food is willing to eat this without sugar. For a lot of people the harder more substantial cereal may take a bit of adapting - they are not airy they are solid. I am happy with the extra grains in them and happy we found them. They are a bit more expensive than the common cereals in stores but I think I will stick with them.


I looked through the website to see which variety i would like before heading to the store. I picked the Heritage O's because I read on the site that there were 24g of whole grain for a 30g serving and thought that was better compared to the others. However, once I bought the product, looked at the packaging and it said it only contained 16g of whole grain per 30g serving. I was pretty disappointed because I rather spend my money on something that contained more whole grains. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to return it because I did not pick up my recipt. On the plus side, if you don't care if you are eating whole grains or not, the cereal was very crunchy and is not too sweet. it's also a better option compared to other cereals with preservatives.