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EnviroKidz® Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bar

• 1 oz. bar

• 6-Pack (6 x 1 oz. bar)
$0.67 per bar - SAVE $0.75!

• 18-Pack (18 x 1 oz. bar)
$0.64 per bar - SAVE $2.73!

• 36-Pack (36 x 1 oz. bar)
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Per 28g serving
Organic roasted peanuts and just the right amount of chocolate drizzle take these crispy rice bars to an irresistible level. The perfect snack time savior, these gluten free bars are delicately crispy, certified organic, and sure to please!


Brown rice flour*, brown rice syrup*, honey*, peanut butter*, cane sugar*, roasted peanuts*, invert cane syrup*, palm kernel oil*, soy oil*, Fair Trade cocoa powder*, acacia gum*, sea salt, molasses*, natural flavors (chocolate, vanilla), tapioca starch*, tocopherols (vitamin E), soy lecithin*. *Organic. Contains peanuts and soy. Produced in a facility that uses milk and tree nuts. Vegetarian.

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Very good

I have celiac disease and as such there are few healthy snacks available to me. These are not only healthy but very good tasting.

great rice crispy bars!! breakfast, lunch, snacks++

I used to like the old traditional blue-wrapper Kellog's Rice Crispy bars... but after awhile they get bland and too sweet. Our family likes to have granola bars or energy bars for when we need a quick breakfast on the run, etc. Then we found these! To be clear, these are NOT granola bars - no granola in them. They are rice crispy, but with a little peanut flavor, a couple peanuts, and chocolate on top. The flavors work well in combination, no surprise there. However, the bars are not too sweet and the flavors are not overpowering... I mean these are not candy bars the way some products are. These would satisfy Little Red Riding Hood, not too much and not too little. Some people may not like them as a result (i.e. if they are looking for candy bars OR plain bland rice). If I were to try and make my own rice crispy bars this would be my target goal. Well, okay maybe a little more peanut butter - but that is totally me and would probably be more than most people like. :) Two of these for breakfast are great. We also like them as an after school snack. To be honest, I have a hard time eating just one myself. We had been getting them in bulk at BJ's (warehouse store) but the stopped carrying it. Wish Costco had them. Looking for a new supplier for our fix!

really yummy

Our oldest, age 14 is a very picky eater. He hates most granola bars. this one he loves!

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